Icy Temps Perfect for Art Demo

Last Saturday’s chilly temperatures set the stage for a little winter magic at the Rumney Town Office/Fire Department parking lot. In the 3rd event put on to commemorate Rumney’s 250th Celebration, the town was honored to host a demonstration by local award-winning ice sculptor, Jeff Day from Jeff Day Ice Designs.

Jeff excited the crowd of approximately 30 people with his expertise and deftly created a piece inspired by the Rumney town logo. The words “Rumney 1767-2017” sprang to life before the crowds’ eyes, using a block of ice and power tools.

The artwork continues to be on display where it was created, until it melts. Stop by and enjoy the one of a kind creations.

For more pictures check out our Rumney 250 facebook page.

*photo credits – Aralyn  Scroggins and Kathy Grabiek